One of the Greek Muslims spying from Rhodes Turkish Consulate supports Thrace's independence from Greece

Turkish Consulate in Rhodes.

Yesterday, a so-called spy thriller was unveiled when two Greeks belonging to the Muslim minority were caught spying on their homeland on behalf of Turkey.

On Saturday night, it became known that two Greek Muslims were accused of espionage , with the investigations of the Greek authorities now in full swing,

It is recalled, the accused are a 56-year-old ship cook from Rhodes, and the other, a 35-year-old secretary for the Turkish Consulate in Rhodes but is from the Muslim region of Rhodope in northern Greece.

At the house of the secretary, after a police investigation, a laptop and three cell phones were discovered and confiscated.

Turkish Consulate in Rhodes. Greek
Turkish Consulate in Rhodes.

The findings by the Greek police have already been sent to the Directorate of Criminological Investigations for analysis so all data can be retrieved.

As it became known earlier, the cook has been under surveillance since last August, photographing military positions and facilities in Kastelorizo ​​while collaborating with the secretary of the Turkish consulate.

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A case was filed against both of them for violation of article 148 of the Penal Code. (espionage) and A.N. 376/1936 (on security measures of fortified positions) by conspiracy.

The 56-year-old confessed everything to the Police and said that he did not do it for the money but "to help his country."

The spies began their actions in August and Greek agents began to monitor their actions almost immediately.

It has also been revealed that the secretary for the Turkish Consulate in Rhodes maintained a Facebook profile that promoted "independent Western Thrace", posted nationalist Turkish symbols, and clearly stated his anti-Greek views.

Western Thrace.
Western Thrace.

According to his profile, he had studied mathematics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, was born in the village of Sostis Rodopis and lived permanently in Rhodes.