Argentinian players in Greece sing a song dedicated to Diego Maradona


Argentinian footballers from OFI, Atromitos, Panathinaikos and Panarkadikos adapted "La vida tombola" in memory of footballing legend Diego Maradona.

The event took place at the Concert Hall for a charitable purpose.

It started with a song dedicated to the memory of Maradona.

Among them are the Argentinian players are Lucas Villafáñez (Panathinaikos), Javier Umbides (Atromitos), Ismael Blanco (Panarkadikos) and Juan Neira, Nazareno Solís and Miguel Mellado (OFI).

The song also featured Juan Ramon Rocha, who is known for his involvement with music, while he was also personally acquainted with the legendary ace.

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