This is the Greek Muslim spying on the Navy for the Turkish Consulate in Rhodes – See the photos

This is the Greek Muslim spying on the Navy for the Turkish Consulate in Rhodes - See the photos 1

On Saturday night it was uncovered that two Greek Muslims were spying on the Navy on behalf of the Turkish Consulate in Rhodes.

One of the Greek Muslims, a 52-year-old cook from northern Greece working on a ferry service between Rhodes and Kastellorizo, had been recruited by the Secretary of the Turkish Consulate in Rhodes, another Greek Muslim from northern Greece.

“He looked at me like a loser”, the captain of the ship said to Proto Thema.

The 52-year-old, who was recruited by the secretary of the Turkish consulate in Rhodes and arrested for espionage, made his last trip as a cook on the ship yesterday after he was fired from his job.


The cook landed in Kos, the intermediate destination on the route Rhodes-Kos-Kastelorizo, something that the captain of the ship pointed out while speaking to Proto Thema.

“The company has decided that he must leave. As soon as the police released him, the company decided to sack him. This is his last trip”, he said, adding that he was upset that he was fired.


“And he said, ‘Maybe I’m going to another company.’ I told him ‘you can not travel in the Dodecanese anymore because there will definitely be an issue with the ship if we go to Kastelorizo.’ The residents will revolt. And that is why he has to leave.”

“I told him ‘do you understand the consequences of your actions?’. He looked at me like a loser. I told him the espionage charge was serious and he said ‘I had no intention of doing it’ and I told him you had no intention?”

At the same time, investigations are continuing to find out if there is a spy network behind the case.

They are expected to get an answer from the Forensic Laboratories from the Hellenic Police, where laptops, mobile phones and USB’s of the recruiting secretary and the cook have been taken for examination.

The 56-year-old Greek Muslim confessed everything to the police and said that he did not do it for the money but “to help his country” – Turkey.

The spies began their actions in August and Greek agents began to monitor their actions almost immediately.

It has also been revealed that the secretary for the Turkish Consulate in Rhodes maintained a Facebook profile that promoted “independent Western Thrace”, posted nationalist Turkish symbols, and clearly stated his anti-Greek views.