Pakistani man in Athens held two minors captive, gave them drugs and sexually assaulted them

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A Pakistani drug dealer kept two underage girls imprisoned in his apartment, drugged them and raped them.

The two Greek girls are aged 16 and 17 and managed to escape from the apartment and call for help from the street.

The half-naked drug dealer ran after them to catch them but fell on police who rushed at him, stopped him and handcuffed him.

Proto Thema obtained photos of the apartment and the testimony of police officers who saved the girl.


"On 13-14 / 12/20 I am on board patrol service during the hours 22: 00-06: 00. behind them a foreign man shouting and following themĀ "says the policeman.


"The two girls complained that the man was holding them in a 5th floor apartment on Kerameikou Street and with threats and violence forced the second girl into intercourse while hitting the first one and threatening to kill them if they left", the testimony said.

"We were informed that inside the apartment there is a quantity of drugs which he has for sale in the center of Athens".

Police raided the Pakistani home and found 49 packages of cannabis , 70 pills and heroin.

Dimitris Popotas and Aria Kalyva are correspondents for Proto Thema.

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