Jumbo containers stuck at ports around the world puts toy supplies at risk

By 10 months ago

Some of the hottest toys this year — from American Girl Doll Joss to Playmobil Toys & Building Sets — are stuck in shipping containers around the world, as warehouses in Greece are overwhelmed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

According to capital.gr, Jumbo has about 6,000 containers stuck on cargo ships.

A company official told Reuters the “figure is impressive, but it’s real.”

“Containers are coming from different parts of the world but to unload them, we need to have space at our warehouses,” the official said.

Last week, Jumbo announced it was stopping online sales after orders surged beyond its capacity.

“With an annual turnover of about 1 billion euros… Jumbo cannot get all this stream of sales through the needle of online shopping,” the official said.

Christmas Covid-19 Rules in Greece – Here’s what you need to know

Non-essential retail trade/’Click-away’

From Sunday, December 13 until Thursday, January 7, 2021, retailers are allowed to operate only under the ‘click-away’ method.

Shopping in retail stores is not allowed.

Goods must be collected at the entrance of shops, without customers entering, while payment must be made electronically or through a POS.

Customers waiting to pick up goods must maintain a distance of at least two metres, while only nine people are allowed to queue at a time.

Pick up is not permitted for shops inside malls or from department store “shop in shops”.

Travel to pick up goods is only permitted within the boundaries of each region.


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