"The Zeibekiko of Beirut": Powerful new documentary about Greek community of Beirut after port blast

The Zeibekiko of Beirut.

Lebanese-Greek journalist and documentary maker George Eid has made a powerful and emotionally charged documentary about zeibekiko about how the August 4 Beirut Port explosion made permanent damage to the city's Greek community and its historical sites.

After the explosion, George Eid did not hesitate, with a camera and crew, to shoot a short documentary called The Zeibekiko of Beirut, which records personal testimonies of Greeks that call Beirut home.

George Eid
Lebanese-Greek journalist and documentary maker, George Eid.

In one testimony, Annoula Armaou explains how she lost her eye and her house was destroyed as a result of the Beirut Port blast.

She also reveals that despite having a brother in Greece and another in Australia, she never wanted to leave Lebanon because "it was one of the most beautiful countries in the world" and that it was "a small Paris."

See the full documentary that will surely bring you to tears.

Eid also explains during the documentary that Beirut had a thriving Greek community, but that it has been diminishing for many reasons.

He also givens a detailed description about the meaning and soul of zeibekeiko.

The Zeibekiko of Beirut.
The Zeibekiko of Beirut.

"When I learned to dance zeibekiko, on Saturdays when the whole family gathered and it was like a big celebration, they told me that we 'inherited' this dance from Asia Minor and that zeibekika often speaks of sadness, of people who have lost their lives, who have gone through a lot but have maintained their dignity," Eid said in an interview earlier this year.