Mushroom Museum of Meteora recognised for Virtual Reality Experience

Mushroom Museum of Meteora recognised for Virtual Reality Experience

The Mushroom Museum of Meteora, part of the town’s Natural History Museum, won bronze in the “Cultural” category at the 2020 Greek Lighting Awards.

In the Museum’s new part, Interactive Light Designs (ILD) (which is located in Larissa) applied the new technology of “Spatial Augmented Reality”, immersing visitors into the world of mushrooms.

This new innovative technology is used for the first time in a Greek museum and is based on colour pixel mapping, such as on the projection of graphics on a multi-level surface by a projection machine (multiplayer projection mapping).

Through the new technology, visitors are able to explore the nutritional and therapeutic value of mushrooms, making the museum experience unique.

Meteora Natural History Museum and Mushroom Museum

The Museum is located on the National Highway connecting Trikala with Egnatia Highway, close to the big city hotels and five minutes from the city center on foot.

The Museum contains a rich collection of birds and mammals as well as a comprehensive mushroom museum, the first of its kind in Greece. The museum houses approximately 300 exhibits of animals and several dozens of the main species of mushrooms.

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