Greek military to assist in the fight against COVID-19

General Konstantinos Constantinos Floros

The Greek Ministry of National Defense will assist in the battle against COVID-19 through the participation of specialized personnel, means of transport and medical facilities.

This was emphasized by the Chief of the General Staff of National Defense (GEETHA), General Konstantinos Floros, when speaking during a briefing of the Ministry of Health.

"As part of the joint effort", stressed the head of GEETHA, "the Armed Forces are participating in a program that provides for the development of 130 sampling stations and the implementation of rapid diagnostic tests (rapid tests)."

"The sampling stations have already been deployed in 73 cities on Greek territory from 97 units of the three branches of the Armed Forces, including of course military hospitals, thus covering the 13 administrative districts of the country"," he continued.

COVID-19 street cleaning in Athens. greek
COVID-19 street cleaning in Athens.

Referring to the stations, he stressed that they are "housed in well-designed areas of the military units and have already been staffed with doctors, nurses and secretarial support staff of the Army, Navy and Air Force."

In addition, the head of the Greek military explained that Civil Protection has provided the necessary health and technological equipment, ie, "kits of rapid tests, tablets and means of protection of staff."

From Monday, the head of GEETHA underlined, "those citizens who wish can come to the stations for diagnostic tests. The attendance will take place on working days and hours by appointment, according to the program that will be prepared by the Civil Protection".

At the same time, the head of GEETHA, added that "the participation of the Armed Forces continues in a series of actions and interventions aimed at reducing the spread of coronavirus".

He added that they are providing quality health services to Armed Forces personnel and their families.