Secretary of Turkish Consulate in Rhodes arrested for spying on Greek Navy after apologising

Footage of soldiers singing the Greek National Anthem as they approach Kastellorizo. (not Rhodes)

Last Saturday it was revealed that the secretary of the Turkish Consulate in Rhodes and a cook serving a ferry line were caught spying on the Greek Navy.

The 35-year-old secretary of the Turkish consulate in Rhodes and the 54-year-old cook of the STAVROS ship were finally arrested this morning for espionage.

The 35-year-old acted as an interpreter and secretary at the consulate. Having been born in Thrace, he knew the Greek language very well.

The secretary received a deadline to apologise to investigators today. However, serious evidence emerged against him and immediately after his apology, an arrest warrant was issued against him, which was executed.

During the searches carried out in the homes of both spies, computers, mobile phones and four locked USB storage devices were found that have been transferred to forensic laboratories of the Hellenic Police.

Turkish Consulate in Rhodes.
Turkish Consulate in Rhodes.

In addition to four computers, eight phones were found in the 35-year-old’s home.

Authorities are examining recording of the Armed Forces in Kos and Nisyros that were taken by the spies.

In the possession of the two Greek Muslims were more than 2,500 photos of submarines during their mooring in Rhodes.

Based on what the 54-year-old cook confessed, he was recruited by the secretary of the Turkish consulate in Rhodes with the task of providing information about the movement of Greek military forces in the Megisti Complex.

Secretary of Turkish Consulate in Rhodes arrested for spying on Greek Navy after apologising 1
The pair were arrested for spying on the Greek military.

Some of his actions included reporting of the changing of the guard in Kastelorizo.

Investigations into the activities of the two spies are also being conducted by military circles.

Military investigators will find not only the amount of information transferred to the Turkish secret services (MIT), but also the extent of the areas and locations on which they focused their action.