Dendias: EU was created to end conflicts in Europe but it tolerates Turkey's threat of war against Greece

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias.

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias referred to the slow pace at which the EU is moving, referring to the decisions of the last European Council on Turkey.

In an interview with the newspaper Parapolitika, Dendias stressed that the issue of the arms embargo has been raised by both the Prime Minister and himself.

He said:

"I have stressed that the European Union is a unique structure that aims to eliminate war in Europe. That is why I wonder how this Union can tolerate the threat of war against its members, such as the threat of Turkey against Greece for decades with casus belli?".

"I wonder which weapon system the export footprint for European countries exceeds the footprint of the defense of international law?", he added.

Commenting on the argument of some Europeans that the arms embargo on Turkey would undermine NATO cohesion, Dendias asked:

"How do they justify their stance, at a time when the pillar of the North Atlantic Alliance, the US, has imposed sanctions against Turkey".

However, regarding the recent decisions of the European Council, he clarifies that Greece will continue with patience and perseverance, while he explains that reference was made at the last Summit to specific sanctions against Turkey's economy and trade.

He also mentioned the prospect of extending the existing sanctions regime and called for the imposition of sanctions on additional natural and legal persons.

"In this phase, a step was taken. But, as I mentioned in Parliament, the government has never claimed that the above is enough," he said.

He emphasized that the U.S. decision to impose sanctions was taken just one working day after the European Council.

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias.
Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias.

Dendias reiterated, as far as exploratory talks are concerned, that a basic precondition for their resumption "is for Turkey to show that it wants a constructive dialogue under international law, as a permanent choice, not as a flag of opportunity".

It characterizes as an inalienable sovereign right of our country the extension of territorial waters to 12 nautical miles throughout the territory "which it will exercise when deemed appropriate".

Referring to the Cyprus issue, he stressed that Greece's position is stable: "we want a lasting solution based on the relevant resolutions of the Security Council. This solution will be a bi-communal bi-zonal Federation".

"The solution of the Cyprus issue presupposes a will to seek in this context. From the side of the Republic of Cyprus and Greece, I assure you that the will exists", Dendias emphasized.