Dimitris (James) Basdanis: A Musician To Look Out For

Dimitris Basdanis

Dimitris Basdanis is a musician, songwriter and guitar instructor from Volos, Greece.

He has a modern fusion sound with a special (eastern) anatolian sound.

Dimitris has been a member of various bands and side projects. He is a founding member of the bands jacArt, Stichovoli (greek: Στιχόβολη) and Programmed to Rock (PTR) and he is a member of the band Schema.

Dimitris has performed in over 500 live concerts and gigs all over Greece and Australia. He has composed and recorded several original songs which have been included in theatre plays and aired on the Greek radio.

Dimitris Basdanis

In 2016, Dimitris independently released his first Electric guitar Single, 'Lacrimosa Blue'. The track consisted of both Rock and Greek Traditional style music, played by an electric guitar.

Since August 2017 Dimitris has been teaching Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Improvisation and running Live Group Workshops in the Modern Department of Music School 'Konstantinos Leontaris' (KLMS) at Ioannina, Greece.

In 2019 his debut album 'Kaemos' was released by the JBMusic label. The album includes seven instrumental tracks of World Jazz-Rock music. The third track 'Nihavent Sirto' of this album won the 'Aplaud Jazz Fusion Contest 2019' (USA, 16.01.20).

You can listen to the track here:

A year after his debut album 'Kaemos', in 2020, Dimitris released another album 'Diddycoy'.

This album includes three new tracks which he wrote during the post-release time of 'Kaemos' and Dimitris has performed them live in several cities in Greece.

Dimitris has also written and published books. In 2015 'Modes for Guitarists', in 2018 'Anatolian Modes: Eastern and Greek Scales Analyzed on Modal Theory' and in 2020 'Learn and Master Pentatonic Scales'.

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Listen to Dimitris Basdanis' latest song 'Diddycoy' on YouTube and all of his albums on Spotify:


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