Greece’s first underwater museum in Alonissos wins European award

Greece’s first underwater museum in Alonissos wins European award

Greece’s first underwater museum in Alonissos wins European award

Greece's first underwater archeological museum at the site of an ancient shipwreck off the uninhabited islet of Peristera, near Alonissos island, has won a prestigious European honour.

More specifically, it won first prize in “Innovation & Digitalization in Sustainable Cultural Tourism/Smart Destinations,” part of the Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism Awards, which are sponsored by the European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN).

It was awarded for its unique offerings and the sustainable way in which they are explored.

The ECTN has members in 19 countries, including 13 EU member-states and six associated countries.

Greece’s ‘Parthenon of underwater museums’ was inaugurated in August this year

The underwater museum is located very close to the shores of the uninhabited island of Peristera and a stone’s throw from the east coast of Alonissos.

Visitors will be able to dive down and admire the exhibits that are on the famous 5th-century BC shipwreck at the bottom of the sea.

The dives are open to amateur divers or those accompanied by professional divers from diving centers.

The famous shipwreck, which is considered one of the most important in classical antiquity due to the large number of intact finds, was discovered in 1985 by a fisherman from Alonissos, near the western rocky coastline of Peristera, at a depth of 28 meters.

It was a large merchant ship of that time, probably an Athenian vessel, which is estimated to have run into very stormy weather and sank there around 425 BC. The ship seems to have been loaded with thousands of wine amphorae from Peparithos (today’s Skopelos) and Mendi (the ancient city of Halkidiki), two areas well known in antiquity for their excellent wine.

Visitors are also able to stay on land and access the wonderful and mysterious world of the seabed, through a virtual ‘diving’ tour using XR technologies.

Alonissos honoured by National Geographic’s ‘Best of the World List’ 2021
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