Capture One builds strong team in Athens with a Danish work culture

Capture One.

Image editing software developer Capture One, a spinoff of Danish company Phase One, announced via Kathimerini in July the company’s entry into Greece with the creation of a new research and development hub in Athens.

“Athens seems like one of the last perfect places in Europe to start an engineering team – great talent, reasonable cost and a Western mind-set,” says Hans Skovgaard, chief technology officer (CTO) at Capture One.

Since then, a team has been built in the new Athens office and Britt Lorenzen, Director of People Operations at Capture One, has provided an update:

Kostas Kastrinogiannis, our Athens site director, has together with former Microsoft colleague Natalia and former co-student Tasos, built a strong team in our new Greek office.

Together, the three senior team members have implemented a collaborative and informal structure in the office, drawing inspiration from Danish work culture.

This approach has created an atmosphere for positive and honest idea sharing, mutual respect, and fast growth for the junior members of the team.

“I have grown throughout my professional life within the Scandinavian work ethic", said Kostas about building the team in Athens.

"To me it’s all about freedom, coupled with accountability, teamwork, increasing impact – not work hours, and leading by example rather than with authority. I’m excited to apply those principles in another country – my home country,” he added.

Team meeting anno 2020, learning about masks & layers in Capture One.
Photo-credit for this post goes to Capture One photographer, Alex Benes.

Building the right team

We have hand-picked a group of talented, young engineers who are hungry to learn the big and intricate product that is Capture One.

Kostas said that he is impressed with the quality of the new talent and strongly believes that this team will make a difference in the experience that comes with starting a new software site.

It has been challenging to build a team during the COVID-19 pandemic though.

With the office on a working-from-home rotation, it’s difficult to build a close group.

Nonetheless, the team has progressed quickly. In partnering up with different colleagues for new projects, the team has developed strong relationships, thereby showing quick results through knowledge sharing.

We have also put an emphasis on building a diverse group of people.

Capture One.
Capture One.

From the beginning, we’ve made it a priority to have an equal number of men and women on the team – which we are continuing to uphold.

Additionally, everyone is excited to welcome the first French colleague who will soon be relocating to Athens.

Love of Imaging

our new team members are quickly building a love for imaging
Photo-credit for this post goes to Capture One photographer, Alex Benes.

There has also been a lot of effort put forth in introducing the team to photography and image editing.

In the first weeks of launching the Athens office, our employees have taken “photo walks” throughout the city, participated in competitions with team members in the Copenhagen office, and have attended workshops about the mechanics of photography and imaging.

It is evident that the “love of imaging” that we want to instill in our employees is building among our Athens team.

Britt Lorenzen is Director of People Operations at Capture One.

Guest Contributor

This piece was written for Greek City Times by a Guest Contributor