Turkish Defense Ministry: Live-fire exercises were conducted in the Eastern Mediterranean

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The so-called Turkish Defense Ministry announced in a tweet on Sunday that the Turkish Navy conducted live-fire exercises in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Image released by Turkey's so-called Defense Ministry. Turkish Navy
Image released by Turkey's so-called Defense Ministry.

The Ministry did not reveal where the live-fire exercise occurred, but judging from the photos, it appears to have been just off the coast of Turkey.

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Although Turkey has the ambition, through its so-called Blue Homeland project, to steal Greece's maritime sovereign rights and islands, its Navy has been continuously humiliated.

It is recalled that on August 12, things became tense when the Turkish Kemal Reis frigate, that was escorting the Oruç Reis research ship, was hit by the Greek Limnos frigate and sustained major damage.

The interception did not cause any damage in Limnos, while the Kemal Reis suffered a hole in the stern.

Turkish Kemal Reis damaged by the Greek frigate Limnos.

In August again, but in a separate incident, a Turkish submarine was surrounded by a helicopter of the Greek Navy for an entire night.

The located enemy submarine was bombarded the entire night with not only loud sonar waves/frequencies, but also the Beatles’ famous song, Yellow Submarine.

In another incident in October, five Turkish CN-235 electronic warfare aircraft and two helicopters scanned from one end of the Aegean to the other in order to locate the “invisible hunters” of the Greek fleet, the powerful and state-of-the-art submarines 214, but failed.