Greek brothers in Perth present "Club Meraki"

Greek brothers in Perth introduce "Club Meraki"

Greek brothers in Perth introduce "Club Meraki"

Attention GCT followers in Perth, Australia!

'Club Meraki' is a unique quarterly event for 18+ Greeks and their friends, held in sophisticated and intimate venues, merging live musical performances with DJs.

Michael and Sarandy Karagiannis are the masterminds behind 'Club Meraki', who were inspired by their dad Niko Karagiannis, who for years regularly performed at glendia (Greek parties) and barakia (small bars) around Australia.

It was his influence that introduced them to the Greek entertainment business, and the boys’ ultimate vision is to rejuvenate the Hellenic community in Perth in a nightclub format.

“We would see the occasional European nightclub event happening, yet none catered for our small Greek community here in Perth - not one! We really wanted something to exist in Perth that was exclusively Greek and up-to-date, but we knew it would be challenging considering our small Hellenic population," Michael told GCT.

Greek brothers in Perth introduce "Club Meraki"

"Fortunately, our community rallied behind us and assisted us in overcoming this challenge. Each event we grow, and we'll continue to host these events purely for the joy of bringing the community together. We’re starting to see even 3rd generation Greek Australians attend who have explicitly stated that they saw Club Meraki as an opportunity to explore their Greek heritage. We’re grateful that we get to play this role as purveyors of the modern Hellenic culture,” he continued.

'Club Meraki' visits some of Perth’s most premium venues, awakening the Hellenic community which has otherwise been dormant for years.

Greek brothers in Perth introduce "Club Meraki"

Check out Club Meraki's Facebook page and Instagram for more of an insight into the events.

To help you get into the 'party spirit', 'Club Meraki' has also put together its own Spotify playlist. You better warn your neighbours, because you will be cranking this playlist loud on your speakers!

The next Club Meraki will be held on 27th December 2020 at Butterfly 73 club in Northbridge, Perth.

And... the brothers plan on taking the show on the road, touring Australia in 2021/2022!

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