Greek Lessons OnLine: Little Greeks singing Trigona Kalanta from every corner of the planet

Greek Lessons OnLine

Remember your school days? Sure you hated tests and were bored in class, but what about your best memories from your school days? Aren’t most of them from special days of celebrations or projects you had to work on with your classmates?

Of course they are.

Because nothing bonds a school community more than a special project.

Even more so, when the goal of such a project is to promote a message of unity, hope and spread holiday cheer around the world.  

 100 Ellinopoula spreading hope in Greek

Around 100 Greek Lessons OnLine Students from every corner of the world took on a project like this. They wore their Christmas outfits, put on their festive props and sang Jingle Bells in Greek uniting voices from London to Adelaide, from the Netherlands to San Jose and from Switzerland to Vancouver to send a message of hope and unity to the whole world.

Greeks live, love, celebrate and learn in community

For the educators and students of the worldwide online Greek School, learning Greek is not a chore but an experience.

A learning experience yes, but most importantly, a community experience and a family experience. And families celebrate Christmas together even when they have to be apart.

The Future of Hellenism is bright

The Greek Lessons OnLine students put smiles on their teachers’ faces every day.

This challenging year, however, with the difficult days we have all had to go through, Greek Lessons OnLine decided to do something to put a smile on everybody’s face and to show how strong Hellenism is around the world.

And the resulting video is their gift to the world.

Their generous, warm and full-of-hope voices united all Greek neighbourhoods of the world to sing Trigona Kalanta in Greek and to remind us of the importance of seeing the Christmas magic even when it seems hard to find. 

Merry Christmas from all of these little Greeks who are the true future of Hellenism. Enjoy!



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