J2US Final: Anna Vissi, Despina Vandi in a historical duet (VIDEO)

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Live on the set of Just the 2 of Us and together for the first time on Saturday night TV, were none other than Anna Vissi and Despina Vandi.

It was the first time that the two top-performing female artists have appeared together on the same stage.

On Twitter, the appearance that shocked fans, was compared to Mariah Carey and JLo being on stage together at the same time.

The two artists set fire to the stage, not only performing each other's songs, such as "Anaveis Foties" "Den M'Agapas", but also singing their timeless successes, such as "Atmosfera Ilektrismen" as duets.

During the performance Anna Vissi said "I'm over it" and to that Despina replied; "Yes, me too."

Does this apology mean that the longest ever running celebrity feud is over?

Maybe. Only four days ago Vissi and Vandi surprised fans when they started following each other on Instagram.

The two exchanged a kiss at the end of their joint appearance.

Anna Vissi and Despina Vandi Kiss
Anna Vissi and Despina Vandi kiss and make up on a live television broadcast

The two women caused a furore on social media amongst their respective fans, who had been waiting for days for the big live broadcast on Open TV.

Rumours of the feud first started when Anna Vissi, who was the then top-selling artist in Greece, went to the US to pursue an international career.

During her absence from her homeland, Vandi's career started to take off, leading her to claim the position of Anna Vissi as the top-selling artist in Greece.

Anna Vissi would never again re-claim that position of top selling artist even after her international career ended rather abruptly and she returned to Greece.

Watch the whole broadcast here: