Metropolitan of Nafpaktos receives coronavirus vaccine

Metropolitan of Nafpaktos receives coronavirus vaccine
Metropolitan of Nafpaktos receives coronavirus vaccine

His Eminence Metropolitan Hierotheos (Vlachos) of Nafpaktos and Agios Vlasios, representing Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens and All Greece, received the coronavirus vaccine on Sunday.

The Metropolitan of Nafpaktos is the first hierarch to be vaccinated against coronavirus in Greece.

It is recalled a few days ago, Metropolitan Hierotheos in an interview emphasised that vaccines are responsible for the increase in life expectancy. "Vaccines boost the body's immune system to fight off viruses. I have also been vaccinated, because otherwise I probably would not be alive and every year I get the flu vaccine. But I will also take the new vaccine after the approvals of the competent Organizations and the decision of the Holy Synod and the suggestions of my treating doctors."

Earlier on Sunday, Greek President Sakellaropoulou, Prime Minister Mitsotakis and professor of Pathology and Infectious Diseases, Sotiris Tsiodras, were vaccinated.

“This is an important day for all of us, today we can be optimistic,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said upon his arrival at Attikon Hospital.

The first Greek to receive the coronavirus vaccine was Efstathia Kambissiouli, head nurse of the intensive care units at Athens’ Evangelismos hospital.

“In my person, all health professionals are being honoured and (it) is a recognition of our work and our contribution. I hope a new page is turned on today, but we got a lot of way to go, we must adhere to measures and hold fast to our goal and when we are all vaccinated we can take our lives back,” she said.

Greek Bishop Ierotheos receiving the Covid Pfizer vaccine. While he was not the first (the first to receive the vaccine was a Greek female nurse), he send a strong message today. Greece has a high percent of Covid-deniers among Church members.

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