Greece still in lockdown for New Year's festivities

COVID-19 Greece still in lockdown for New Year's festivities
Greece still in lockdown for New Year's festivities

Greece’s government spokesman Stelios Petsas on Monday said that lockdown measures will not be amended over New Year’s Eve and urged the public to abide by Covid-19 safety measures.

The spokesman also hailed the start of the vaccination process in the country as the key to “getting our lives back” and kickstarting economic activity.

Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 135,456 confirmed infections, with 4,606 deaths.

NYE Covid-19 Rules in Greece – Here’s what you need to know:
  • No more than nine people (from two households) should gather in the same house, in order to avoid overcrowding.
  • The nationwide night curfew from 10pm-5am will continue to apply until. There will be no exception on New Year’s. Exceptions: people who need to leave the house for work, health reasons or a short walk with a pet. They will have to send an SMS to 13033, or have a document from their employer.
  • Police will carry out strict and constant checks throughout the country. Those caught violating curfew will face strict fines.
  • Churches will be open to the faithful on New Year and Epiphany on January 6, with limits on the number of people allowed inside. There will be a limit of 25 people allowed in churches and up to 50 people in metropolitan cathedrals.
  • For movement on New Year, citizens must send an SMS for option 6 to the five-digit mobile phone service 13033.
  • Travel between prefectures (domestic travel) in Greece remains prohibited. It is is allowed only for returning to permanent residence, family reunification, business reasons and health reasons.
SMS 13033 for movement

All individuals residing in Greece will be required to send an SMS text message to 13033 in order to obtain permission to leave their homes during the lockdown.

The SMS to 13033 should be formatted as follows: X (one of the digits 1-6 corresponding to the activities below), name, surname and address.

The six reasons (you must SMS) are:
  1. Visit to a pharmacy or visit to a doctor if necessary
  2. Visit to a supermarket or stores for essential supplies
  3. Visit to a bank if e-banking transactions are not possible
  4. Visit to people needing assistance or escorting children to and from school
  5. Attending a funeral, as per the conditions provided by the law, or visiting children in case of divorced parents
  6. Physical exercise outdoors or up to two persons taking their pet for a walk while always observing a 1.5-metre distance.
International travel

International travellers (except those from the UK) arriving in Greece are required to:

Arrivals from the UK: Those arriving to Greece from the United Kingdom will now need to self-isolate for 10 days (from 7 as previously announced). Upon arrival to Greece, they must immediately take a rapid Covid-19 test and self isolate for 10 days. They will then be obliged to take a new test after the 10th day. If the test is negative, the quarantine ends.

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