What does Brexit mean for the EU and Greece?


After months of tough negotiations and the media cultivating myths of Britain's disaster in the event of its exit from the EU, Brexit is a definitive event.

Once again in world history, the British seem to have managed to defeat the Germans, this time through Brexit.

In my opinion, this is a personal triumph of Boris Johnson who posted a photo of himself with the caption "DEAL SECURED" on Facebook.

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And then he said: "We have taken back control of laws and our destiny. We have taken back control of every jot and tittle of our regulation. In a way that is complete and unfettered."

"From Jan 1 we are outside the customs union, and outside the single market. British laws will be made solely by the British Parliament," he added.

On the other side of the Channel, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said about Brexit:

"We have a fair and balanced agreement with the United Kingdom, which will protect our European interests, ensure fair competition and ensure fair necessary predictability for our fishing communities. Finally, we can leave Brexit behind and look to the future. Europe is moving forward now."


Comparing the two statements and the big jumps in the British pound immediately after the Brexit agreement, it is clear who is more satisfied with the developments.

In essence, the British government is regaining control of the country without losing anything substantial as trade with EU countries remains duty-free.

Otherwise, life in Old Albion continues with minimal formal differences.

Greek tragedy

The movement of goods, services and citizens continues under the same regime as in Norway and Switzerland, which are not members of the EU.

EU nationals living in Britain will continue to live as before.

The same applies to Britons living in EU member states.

Brexit Greece.

Foreign students, and in particular the large number of Greek students studying in the United Kingdom, will study under the same regime.

The branches of British Universities in Greece will continue to provide degrees as before.

There is, of course, a difference that upsets Europhiles. To visit London, they must use their passport and not their identity card, as they did until yesterday, feeling proud and grateful because they belong to Europe!

The fact that by joining the "European family" we have been led to poverty and forced to host of mass invasion of Muslim settlers from Turkey, which with the backs of Berlin, claims parts of our country and Cyprus.

There, the essence and the truth of the modern Greek tragedy are deliberately lost.

Let's not laugh.

The systematically cultivated fear of impending "famines, earthquakes and drownings" in the event that a country leaves the European Union, and especially the eurozone, is a myth for the young to be afraid and for the big ones, that is, the Germans, to rule.

The Germans achieved through the back door their supremacy in Europe and occupation of countries, like Greece, since they failed to do this with two bloody world wars.

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Theodoros Katsanevas is a professor at the University of Piraeus and a regular contributor to SLPress.

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