Metropolitan of Kastoria passed away due to complications with COVID-19

Metropolitan Bishop of Kastoria, Seraphim.

The Metropolitan of Kastoria, Seraphim, who had been diagnosed with COVID-19 in early December, passed away.

The 61-year-old metropolitan was transferred to 424 GSNE when he was diagonised, while on December 20, his intubation was deemed necessary by his treating doctors, according to Ta Nea.

Metropolitan of Kastoria Seraphim dies from coronavirus |

The cause of death is related to complications from COVID-19.

Seraphim was born in 1959 in Agnantero, Karditsa and studied at the Rizareio Ecclesiastical School of Athens, at the Upper Ecclesiastical School, where he graduated in 1983.

He had been the Bishop of Kastoria since October 5, 1996.

Then he studied at the Theological School of Athens and received his degree in 1987.

He was born in 1959 in Agnantero, Karditsa.