Syrigos: Turkey is trying to revise treaties like Nazi Germany did

Angelos Syrigos

Angelos Syrigos spoke to SKAI about the new provocative statement made by Turkish Energy Minister Fatih Dönmez about the Treaty of Lausanne.

Dönmez raised the issue of the Treaty of Lausanne as a precondition for exploratory talks.

"Turkey bears disturbing similarities with Nazi Germany now," said Syrigos, an assistant Professor of International Law and Foreign Policy.

"Nazi Germany followed 'lebensraum' [living space] and Turkey, respectively, follow the idea of ​​the 'Blue Homeland'," he continued.

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Turkey's envisioned Blue Homeland that aims to steal Greek islands and maritime space.

"So, Nazi Germany wanted to get rid of the Treaty of Versailles, Turkey wants to get rid of the Treaty of Lausanne," explained Syrigos, who is also a Member of Parliament for the ruling New Democracy party.

"The Treaty of Lausanne is a historic text, made 97 years ago. There is no point in discussing it today. The conditions that set boundaries are considered sacred in international law. You do not touch them," he said.

"These are the only conditions that are not allowed to be revised, as they are the result of bloody conflicts," the professor added.

As the MP explained, "if negotiations start from such issues that lead to a deadlock, you will not end up anywhere. We want de-escalation from the exploratory talks to come to fruition."

"Turkey does not like exploratory talks. It wants to get out of it and that is why it is opening the agenda," he said.

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  1. With respect, this is NOT the first time that Erdogan or his minions have raised the issue of this and every other relevant treaty, or of the international law of the sea. NOTHING is acceptable to the incumbent Turkish regime if it limits the abject power of the mad man in charge of one of Eurasia’s most undemocratic nations.
    But we still have Madame Merkel and others blindly protecting, supporting and, worse, arming Erdogan and in the end his regime will not settle with invading HELLENIC islands or even HELLAS but his love for the Ottoman Empire will, as he has also stated many times, see him go beyond those borders and onto other nations.
    In the meantime HELLAS and the HELLENIC people are paying an increasing price. Stress caused by Erdogan’s threats and daily incursions into Hellenic maritime and air zones. Thousands of violent refugees – many who are believed to be ISIL terrorists in waiting, being sent by Erdogan onto Hellenic islands and the mainland as well. All of this while the pathetic EU, NATO and the UN watch with eyes wide shut