‘Lucky’s’ by Greek-Australian author Andrew Pippos named one of the best Australian books of 2020

‘Lucky’s’ by Greek-Australian author Andrew Pippos named best Australian book of 2020
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There is a buzz about Greek-Australian author Andrew Pippos’ debut novel ‘Lucky’s’.

Recently, it was featured in The Guardian’s top Australian books for 2020.

According to The Guardian’s review, “this novel is a saga in the truest definition of that word, spanning more than 50 years of one Greek-Australian family and the rise and fall of their cafe franchise.”

The novel centres around the character of Lucky, a second-generation Chicago-born clarinet-playing Greek man who finds himself in wartime Australia in the 50s.

It is a true literary work interwoven with love, tragedy and humanity.

“The story of Lucky’s follows various twists and turns of fortune and highlights the role of luck and serendipity in fate – almost like a Greek saga. Pippos skilfully weaves multiple story threads throughout the novel – the literary fraudster; the plucky journalist; the entrepreneurial Greek man who escapes service by impersonating a famous musician – but the most memorable parts of this book are the beautifully drawn characters and its warm heart” – Brigid Delaney.

Pippos’ writing is exceptional; nostalgic, tragic and palpable.

‘Lucky’s’ has been labelled ‘a paper monument to the old Greek diaspora.’ To purchase your copy of ‘Lucky’s’, please click here.

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