Presidential Guard – New Year Carol (VIDEO)

A song by Greece’s Presidential Guard to say goodbye to the “old year” and welcome the “new year”!

new year Greece's presidential guard Christmas 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, children in Greece were not allowed to ring your doorbell and sing festive songs.

Current COVID-19 Rules in Greece – Here’s what you need to know:

  • No more than nine people (from two households) should gather in the same house, in order to avoid overcrowding.
  • The nationwide night curfew from 10pm-5am will continue to apply until. There will be no exception for New Year’s. Exceptions: people who need to leave the house for work, health reasons or a short walk with a pet. They will have to send an SMS to 13033, or have a document from their employer.
  • Police will carry out strict and constant checks throughout the country. Those caught violating curfew will face strict fines.
  • Churches will be open to the faithful on New Year and Epiphany on January 6, with limits on the number of people allowed inside. There will be a limit of 25 people allowed in churches and up to 50 people in metropolitan cathedrals.
  • For movement on the New Year period, citizens must send an SMS for option 6 to the five-digit mobile phone service 13033.
  • Travel between prefectures (domestic travel) in Greece remains prohibited. It is is allowed only for returning to permanent residence, family reunification, business reasons and health reasons.


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