Greeks & Russians celebrate together with Christmas songs: "Long live Greek-Russian friendship"

Greeks of Moscow.

Wishes and dances were exchanged between Greeks and Russians who celebrated together in Moscow.

Among other things, the Greeks of Moscow hoped that the pandemic would end quickly and that bilateral relations would continue to develop.

Bright faces, bright smiles and loud laughter flooded the ceremony hall of the Center for Social Development of the Municipality of Moscow, where Greeks and Russians held a joint celebration for Christmas.

Greeks of Moscow.
Greeks of Moscow.

Russia is not in the same quarantine regime as Greece and many stores are operating normally while events have been taking place in recent days.

However, due to the pandemic, the attendance may not have been similar to that of previous years, but even through new technologies, many participated in the festive atmosphere with live connections.

Among other things, they wished that the pandemic would end quickly and that bilateral relations between Greece and Russia would continue to develop.

"Our hearts are filled with feelings of peace, unity, hope for a better, brighter and more peaceful tomorrow. These are, after all, the messages of Christmas," the director of the Center for Greek Culture, Professor Dora Giannitsi, who organized the evening, stressed to Sputnik Hellas.

"We had the opportunity to make a comprehensive and multifaceted historical, cultural, music, dance, gastronomic tour of Christmas traditions and customs, and traditions of Greek Orthodoxy, the entire Greek world, the islands and various regions like Thrace and Pontus," she added.

The event was attended by the popular Greek singer in the Muscovite community, who recently participated in the artistic-competitive program of the first federal channel of Russia, Ioannis Kofopoulos.

"Greek traditional dances could not be missing from the event," Kofopoulos said.


"Happiness, health, prosperity, inspiration and progress are my wishes for Greeks everywhere. Enlightenment physical and mental strength. I wish for the friendship between Greece-Russia and congratulations to those who support our united Greek-Russian world," said Giannitsi.