Turkish consulate secretary demands to be released after being caught spying on Greek military


The 35-year-old secretary of the Turkish Consulate in Rhodes caught conducting espionage acts against the Greek military requested has requested to be released from detention with restrictive conditions imposed.

He claims that his contacts with the 52-year-old cook, Nezadin Mehmet. who took thousands of photos of the Greek military and trying to get sensitive information from Greek soldiers were exclusively of a social nature due to his origin

Nezadin Mehmet.
Nezadin Mehmet.

Yesterday, the 35-year-old secretary of the Turkish Consulate in Rhodes, Sebahattin Bayram, appealed to the Rhodes Council of Criminal Procedure through the Public Prosecutor of Rhodes, requesting to be released with restrictive conditions.

His 52-year-old co-accused, former cook of the ship that ran the Rhodes to Kastellorizo route, will not appeal the judicial council.

The pair were sentenced on the night of December 21, and were detained after their testimony and investigators pointed out that their crimes affected Greece's defense capacity, endangering its territorial integrity.

Turkish Consulate in Rhodes.
Turkish Consulate in Rhodes.

He pointed out that an attempt was made to conceal information and that they maintain contacts with persons who serve the interests of the country that threatens the territorial integrity of Greece and therefore there is a risk of escaping to Turkey.

The Investigator even notes that even the restrictive term of house arrest with electronic surveillance is not considered capable of restricting them because the criminal act took place using the means of telecommunications and their detention is absolutely necessary.

The 35-year-old reiterates his claims that his contacts with the 52-year-old cook were purely social in nature due to them both being from Komotini in Thrace but living in Rhodes.

Sebahattin Bayram. Turkish consulatr worker
Secretary of the Turkish Consulate in Rhodes, Sebahattin Bayram.

They talked, as he claimed, about their family issues, cars and food, but also about COVID-19.

The Turkish consulate secretary claims that the whole case was made by a person who made an anonymous complaint and the 52-year-old while he claims that there was a violation of his freedoms and rights.

Bayram claims that from all the evidence of the case file but also from the apology of his co-accused, his participation in any criminal act is not proven.

The Turkish Consulate secretary also claims that his involvement is based solely on what his co-accused testified against him before the police, while he claims that he withdrew his testimony.

Bayram also claimed that his arrest was motivated due to the difficult relations between Athens and Ankara.