I am optimistic about Greece in 2021

In Greece and all across the world we leave behind 2020, a year that many call the worst year, and entered 2021.

We are all very tired – even exhausted. Many of us have unfortunately lost a relative, friend or acquaintance from COVID-19.

The finances of the majority of people in Greece are in a difficult situation – although bank deposits have increased by more than 15 billion euros.

The Christmas and New Year holidays exacerbate psychological difficulties.

Technology is good, but wishes and carols via video conferencing seem so impersonal.

The festive atmosphere has changed to pessimistic.

2020 leaves us with a great insecurity, but also an anticipation – to turn the page and find again a freer gait, a more attractive daily life, in short to relive as free people.

A few days before 2021 the situation with COVID-19 was at its worst.

December is the month that unfortunately we had the most deaths in Greece.

There is no room for experimentation, mistakes or risk. Health systems have been tested worldwide, scientists are worried about the COVID-19 mutation, the United Kingdom is being tested again with the whole of Europe.

So many of my friends ask me how it is possible to be (so) optimistic about 2021.

Many people who honor me and read my articles may think I am out of touch with reality.

Personally, I am an optimistic person and I believe that 2021 will be a very good year. I know that many will not agree with me. But I’m still optimistic.

First, we are slowly entering the beginning of the end of the pandemic.

The light at the end of the tunnel has been seen and with the help of all of us – but also with the vaccines – in a few months (in my opinion, from three to eight) we will be able to win the big battle.

It is enough to stop the theories of destruction and devaluation of doctors and researchers who so quickly were able to give us the various vaccines.

We all need to look ahead. To envision. Aim as high as possible.

To think – really – about what we learned in 2020.

New trends are coming in 2021. First of all, it is important to know the purpose for which we are acting. To have goals, but also confidence. Confidence in ourselves, in our political leaders, in our country, in our potential.

Trust and respect. Respect for our elders, for our values. Respect for institutions. Recognize talent wherever it comes from. To trust more. The word “deconstruction”, so often used in politics, is so shallow. How much more beautiful do the words “composition”, “participation” sound, but also the -corresponding political word- “fermentation”.

One of the biggest challenges we face today is staying optimistic. We live in times of great change and we are bombarded daily with bad news and stories that affect our hope for a better life. We run the risk of getting caught up in the wave of negativity that the media is increasingly presenting.

How many of us are not relieved to say, “At least that did not happen to me.”

We must all strive and be trained to be optimistic about our chances of success. Without optimism we can not move forward. Educating ourselves to have an optimistic mindset is a big challenge.

Experts say that the mind functions as a reservoir and we need to learn how to feed this reservoir.

Optimism is a way and a philosophy of life about how we make sense of everyday events.

When evaluating a life event, pessimists and optimists have opposite perspectives.

According to experts, one way to train our minds to be more optimistic is by recording positive events in our day to day life – no matter how small. In this way we train ourselves to focus on the positive around the person.

And every day let us make sure that we keep an open mind for learning and exercising optimism. It is not easy, but with hard work and diligence we will be able to remain optimistic about negativity.

After all, if at every opportunity we see only the risk instead of seeing the opportunity at every risk, it is difficult to achieve our goal.

So I would like to dwell on the reasons that make me optimistic for Greece in the new year.

Starting with the most important factor called health, everything shows that in a short time we will have the problem of COVID-19 resolved.

It is very important that the new drug technology will soon be able to provide solutions to many diseases that afflict Greece and the world.

In the economy, after the significant investments of large companies in 2020, many of them will be made in Greece. I attended with great interest the two-day conference organized by Nikos and Olga Bornozi in New York – well done for the continuous support in our country – where all investors speak with the best words about Greece, emphasizing their intention to invest immediately.

The Pissaridis package, amounting to 32 billion euros, will slowly begin to be implemented and tourism in Greece is projected to exceed 50% of the level of 2019.

At the same time, many young people in Greece are investing in technology, new companies, new ideas. Many choose to return to our country. Something is moving, at last! I am optimistic because despite all the difficulties we all became more resilient.

When we leave COVID-19 behind for good, future problems will seem insignificant.

I am optimistic because Greece is slowly acquiring a technology that will help the better life of all of us, but also our competitiveness. For example, 5G in telecommunications, investments in data centers, but also, let’s not forget it, the much greater skill -at all ages- in computers.

I am optimistic because in 2021 there will finally be a brave network of reforms that Greece so desperately needs.

I am optimistic because culture and all art events will return dynamically.

And for sports fans, many important events will take place. From the Olympic Games to major football games.

I am optimistic because in the difficulties of 2020 we understood – many of us – the real meaning of life, which is nothing more than a set of small – or big – moments that make us happy

Now that 2020 is leaving, I want to thank everyone who reads me and with their valuable comments make me try to better externalize my thoughts and concerns.

I sincerely wish you a great new year! Let’s try to be optimistic! Well wishes to everyone!

The views of the author do not necessarily reflect those of Greek City Times.

George Kyriakos is a correspondent for Proto Thema


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