What is the biggest threat to Greece in 2021?

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Greeks in Greece, Cyprus and wherever we land, say goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021 with bad omens.

It is not just the ten-year crisis and the pandemic that have caused huge problems in society, while leading many to death and financial ruin.

The other crisis, the one we are called to face with our Eastern neighbor, will determine the way in which Cyprus and Greece will exist as states, a situation on which even the survival of Hellenism will depend.

And we say that the omens are not good, not only because the developments and threats are serious but also because it seems that the leaderships in Nicosia and Athens do not seem to understand the seriousness.

We will oppose the Cyprus issue, the course of which has already been determined since Hellenism did not only fail to embrace the doctrine of liberating territories held by the Turkish army in Megalonisos, but also accepted in various ways the occupation and partition of the island continues.

Let us remind friends that the Azeris, aided by Israel and Turkey, did not accept the occupation of internationally recognized Azeri territories by the Armenians and after almost thirty years, retook them, and I am not talking about the territories of the Soviet Union.

We are not even able to adopt the doctrine adopted by the Azeris, with the immediate danger of the whole of Cyprus becoming Turkish in the coming years.

And this catastrophic process will be accelerated if Turkey manages to implement the doctrine of the “Blue Homeland” and the Libyan Muslim Brotherood-Turkish memorandum, which I consider to be the greatest threat facing Hellenism, since, like the neo-Ottoman scapegoat held by the imam in the mihrab of the desecrated Hagia Sophia, he tears and cuts in two the body of the Hellenism of Cyprus and Greece.

Turkey’s envisioned Blue Homeland that aims to steal Greek islands and maritime space.

We warned in time in every possible way about the danger of this doctrine, we warned in every possible way about the danger of the Libyan-Turkish memorandum.

We both accepted them almost fatally – especially the Libyan-Turkish memorandum.

The previous government and the current one, could have prevented it, but did nothing or almost nothing.

Turkey, since the 1980s, has prevented us with threats to extend our territorial waters to 12 nautical miles, and in the decade with a decision of the Turkish parliament, characterized such an action as a casus belli (threat of war).

And so far, it has achieved its goal. Greece has not extended its territorial waters to 12 nautical miles in the Aegean.

We hope that the extension to the Ionian Sea will not be the beginning of the end of the final expulsion of this right, but the beginning of implementation in the entire Greek maritime territory.

That is, to put it simply, Turkey prevented Greece from exercising a legal right, in the way it did because it considers it to be detrimental to its national interests.

On the other hand, Greece allowed the illegal demarcation of the Turkey-Libya continental shelf, that is, it failed to prevent the signing of an illegal treaty, which is the cornerstone of the “Blue Homeland”, since without a  pact there is no agreement.

We have rewritten that the “Blue Homeland” and the memorandum are buried by two acts of Greece.

One is the delimitation of the continental shelf and the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) with Cyprus, and the other is the extension of our territorial waters to 12 nautical miles.

Instead, we rushed to meet the needs of others by signing a half-border agreement with Egypt, which may in some way affect the Libyan-Turkish memorandum, but deprives Crete of the right to a full continental shelf and EEZ, something we will find in front of us. in the Megisti complex but also in the whole Aegean.

Why, if you yourself accept that Crete does not have full influence, what will you do, will you claim that Kastelorizo, Kasos, Karpathos and other Aegean islands have full influence?

But mishandling and misdirection is not limited to the above.

We said above that the undertaker of the Greek Aegean will be the “Blue Homeland” and that the Libyan-Turkish memorandum is the FOUNDATION STONE, since without it there is no “Blue Homeland”.

Therefore, our goal must be the abolition of the Libyan-Turkish memorandum.

We made the mistake and allowed its signature, just as we made the mistake of allowing the occupation of Cyprus with Attila 1 and 2.

Let us not make the same mistake with the Libyan-Turkish memorandum that we made after the occupation of Cyprus and Hellenism, which as a whole did not adopt the doctrine of liberating occupied territories.

Let us not make the mistake of accepting in a tolerant way the Libyan-Turkish memorandum “as long as this is not a first priority for the US and the EU”, as some say, such as the National Security Adviser of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

For example, if Greece accepts dialogue or exploratory talks with Turkey, while the Libyan-Turkish memorandum is in force, it provides even a small degree of legitimacy in this legal abortion.

Closing the article and saying goodbye to 2020, unfortunately I do not have anything optimistic about the issue, because I notice that while many things are done by many countries to influence their own interests in the scheduled December 2021 elections in Libya, Greece is absent, at a time when the safest way to repeal the memorandum is its denunciation by the new Libyan government.

And in order to do so, Greece must be present and influence developments, securing commitments for the abolition of it from now on.

Let us hope that Mitsotakis and Foreign Minister Nikos

Dendias deal with the issue even now. There is time.

Happy new year to everyone.

Savvas Kalenteridis is the Editor of Infognomon and an author.

Guest Contributor

This piece was written for Greek City Times by a Guest Contributor