New diplomatic campaign by Athens: From the Mediterranean to India


There is a new diplomatic campaign by Athens that extends from the Mediterranean to India.

With Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan calling Hagia Sophia Basilica the "crown of Islam" and Turkish officials having no restraint in their statements against Greece, 2021, and in fact its first days, as everything shows, will be the year of exploratory contacts between Greece and Turkey.

According to diplomatic sources, the preconditions for the resumption will be for Turkey not to follow the tactics of provocations for a sufficient period of time and to give Greece a date for the resumption of talks.

According to the same sources, the statements are disturbing, but it is more important for Turkey to refrain from the provocative acts that it had committed all of last year.

However, for the first time, geopolitical developments are opening a channel between Greece and India.

As Dimokratia revealed on Saturday, moves are being made on the diplomatic chessboard so that Greece can be found steps ahead of Turkey.

According to information from Dimokratia, one of the goals of Greek diplomacy for 2021 is the continuation and expansion of cooperation with countries that share the same views with Greece on the problems that exist not only in the eastern Mediterranean, but in the region in general, and for their resolution based on International Law.

This enlargement, which has been set as a goal by the Foreign Minister, will be carried out, according to information, with the creation of an arc of states starting from the southeastern Mediterranean, with the participation of Greece, Cyprus, Egypt and Israel, and pass into the Persian Gulf, with the participation of the United Arab Emirates, and will extend as far as India.

Greece's diplomatic maneuvers include improving relations with regional states, the UAE and India.

Essentially, this move is the evolution of tripartite agreements in which Greece participates and will be a resounding message to Turkey.

The next diplomatic goal of Greek is, according to information from Dimokratia, the renewal of Greece's defense cooperation with the United States, which will be achieved by expanding the American military footprint in our region to existing Greek military installations.

These include installations in northern and southern Greece, while the installation of American forces on a Greek island is not ruled out.

There will be developments in the expansion of the coastal zone, from 6 to 12 nautical miles, not only in the Ionian, but also in Crete, as the technical procedures for the closure of the bays and the drawing of baselines in southern Crete have already begun.

This article first appeared in Greek on Briefing News.