Turkish media: Greek-Saudi military exercise a "threat" to Turkey


Information about a joint military exercise between Greece and Saudi Arabia in the immediate future has alarmed Turkish media.

Reports in the electronic press speak of a "threat" against Turkey, commenting on information about the relocation of Saudi F-15 fighter jets to Souda, in the framework of cooperation with the Greek Air Force.

The title from Haberler: "Threat to Turkey! Prince Salman instructed: The F-15s that the Greek pilots will use will land at the base of Souda".

The report states: "By order of Prince Mohammed bin Salman, a large number of F-15s will land at the Souda base on the largest island of Greece, Crete, to threaten Turkey. The news says that the F-15 fighter jets will also be used by Greek pilots."


It also states: "France, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Israel and most recently Saudi Arabia. Stormy start to 2021 in the Eastern Mediterranean, where Turkey with its movements has shaken the rifts."

There was also extensive coverage from the media of Greece's neighbor about the agreement between Athens and Tel Aviv.

The agreement between Greece and Israel for the establishment of an Air Force School, which will reach 1.68 billion dollars over 20 years.

"Greece and Israel expand military cooperation," reads the headline of the Turkish edition of DW.

"Israel ratifies defense agreement worth $1.68 billion with Greece," writes Haber Aero.


"Greece and Israel are expanding military cooperation," reported Air Türk Haber, noting that due to the tension with Turkey, our country has increased its defense budget five times compared to last year.

Ahval's article: "Israel and Greece intensify cooperation."

"Israel ratifies a $1.6 billion deal with Greece," Sözcü said, stressing that it was the largest defense supply deal ever signed between the two countries.

The agreement includes the supply of ten M-346 (Lavi) aircraft, the maintenance of T-6 (Efroni) aircraft, as well as the provision of simulators, training and logistical support.

This is the largest defense procurement agreement between Israel and Greece to date, which was approved by the Greek government following an international tender.

Athens' approval enables the two sides to enter into negotiations that will lead to the signing of an agreement.