Butterfly-shaped houses 'land' in Vouliagmeni

Butterfly-shaped houses 'land' in Vouliagmeni

Butterfly-shaped houses 'land' in Vouliagmeni

"The Butterfly" is currently being built in Vouliagmeni, a seaside suburb in Athens.

Inspired by the shape of the insect, the architects of 314 Architecture studio created a special design that will offer new stimuli to the environment.

The so-called "Butterfly" consists of four independent houses.

Each house has large balconies, a swimming pool, and access to a private landscaped outdoor area.

Butterfly-shaped houses 'land' in Vouliagmeni

"The study started with unique data on the plot, and the client's request for four houses with a special design... Its location was very favourable, as it is located in an area with sparse construction, close to the sea and in contact with a park with dense and fine vegetation," chief architect Pavlos Hatziangelidis told iefimerida.

But how do the detached houses come together to give this rare architectural shape?

"The butterfly's wings extend to the edges of the plot, follow the slope, and allow the unification of the four houses, while at the same time enhance privacy and protect them," he added.

Butterfly-shaped houses 'land' in Vouliagmeni

"One of the tools of our design is the management of light, shadow and reflections. Interiors are always defined by transparent or translucent glass surfaces which blur the boundaries and volumes."

A glass staircase is currently being constructed that covers the altitude difference between the two levels.

Butterfly-shaped houses 'land' in Vouliagmeni

What is certain is that this project was a challenge for the architecture studio.

But the team's need to experiment with the environment combined with the need to create something unique, pushed them to design something different from the rest.

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