Greece's winter weather is abnormal for the next few days


The temperature will move to high levels for the next few days in Greece, with the weather divided into three different climate zones.

Rain and cloudy skies are expected in the west and north of the country, spring weather in central and southern Greece, while in Crete we are having an early summer!

This is the assessment of meteorologist Panagiotis Giannopoulos.

"In northern Greece we will have from 14 to 16 degrees Celsius with some rain," said Giannopoulos in speaking with Sputnik Hellas.

"At the same time, on Sunday and Monday in Attica it will exceed 20 degrees, while in Crete it will be 25-27 degrees Celsius in Heraklion and Chania," he said, adding "what we are seeing is that the temperature is at least six degrees above the season."

Chania, Crete.

From Wednesday there will be a drop in temperature, while on Thursday and Friday the temperature will be at almost normal levels for the season.

The "weather seesaw"

"However, we will not have a normal winter," observed Giannopoulos.

At the same time, in Western Europe the temperatures are below 10 degrees Celsius, while in the Eastern Mediterranean the temperatures are above usual.

"I can describe the phenomenon as a 'weather seesaw'," the meteorologist explained.

He emphasized that this is the first year, after 50 years, that not a single snowflake has fallen on Parnitha.

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Parnitha traditionally receives the first snow in late November-early December.

Does summer help against the spread of COVID-19?

One of the questions that still concerns experts is whether the good weather can eventually "block" or at least slow down the transmission of COVID-19.

COVID-19 street cleaning in Athens. greek
COVID-19 street cleaning in Athens.

"To date, the weather has not been shown to change the behavior of the virus. Therefore there should be no complacency," Athena Stoupi, Director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic at the Athens Medical Center, said.

"The measures must be observed," the expert added.