First White Arrow train en route from Italy to Thessaloniki

First White Arrow train en route from Italy to thessaloniki

The first of five state-of-the-art White Arrow trains, is en route to Thessaloniki from Italy, Trainose announced on Monday.

The first trip with passengers will be held on the Athens-Thessaloniki route on March 25, on the 200th anniversary of Greece’s declaration of the War of Independence from the Ottoman Turks.

According to Trainose’s CEO Professor Filippos Tsalidis, the new trains, which can reach speeds of 200 kilometres per hour, will be delivered gradually, after trials are conducted on the Greek railway network.

The new trains will have nine carriages, one of which will be a restaurant and bar, and will have three first-class wagons and four economy wagons.

First White Arrow train en route from Italy to Greece

The Athens-Thessaloniki route will be covered in three hours and fifteen minutes.

Every train will be able to carry over 600 passengers and will be supplied with all the high standards and amenities, even better of an aeroplane, for a fast and comfortable trip.

Trainose train drivers are already in Italy receiving the relevant training and will bring the first train to Greece, which is set to arrive on the platform in Thessaloniki on January 18.

The cost of the investment amounts to €52 million.

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