Pakistani attempts to rape 5-year-old in Koropi

pakistani sexual assault teacher Peloponnese

A horrific case of seducing a minor in the greater Koropi area in East Attica involving a 20-year-old Pakistani and a five-year-old girl occurred over the weekend, Proto Thema reported.

The foreigner, who works in an equestrian club in the area, dragged the child in front of the mother and tried to rape her.


He thankfully did not succeed and when the five-year-old returned to her mother, she described the scene of horror with the frightened woman going immediately to the police.

Thus, after a complaint from the parents of the minor, the perpetrator was arrested and taken today he is under pre-trial detention.

Officers of the Juvenile Protection Sub-Directorate, who handle the case with care and attention, are looking for the Pakistanis past to find out if he has assaulted other children.

The Pakistani confessed his act to the police, but without giving further explanations as to what led him to this barbarity.

Meanwhile, another Pakistani was sentenced to 15 years in prison today for sexually assaulting two women in Rhodes.

This also comes as last month a Pakistani drug dealer kept two underage girls imprisoned in his apartment, drugged them and raped them in Athens last month, as previously reported by Greek City Times.

The drug dealers home.