Plakiotakis: In Imia we defend our fishermen and maritime borders

Shipping Minister Giannis Plakiotakis.

Shipping Minister Giannis Plakiotakis claimed that Greece defends its fishermen and maritime borders at the Imia islets against Turkish aggression.

"In Imia, port authorities reacted decisively, defending both our fishermen and the maritime borders of the European Union," stressed Plakiotakis.

This was in reference to criticisms after a Turkish Coastguard collided with speedboat of the Greek Coast Guard only days ago near Imia.

President Of Kalmynos Fishermen: The Turks Come To Our Waters And Drive Us Away - Greek City Times

"We have proved in the field that we are defending our sovereign rights. We did not allow anyone to challenge our sovereign rights," he said.

As he said, "it is a fact that Turkey is a problem not only for Greece, but for the wider region of the southeastern Mediterranean. Unfortunately, the Turkish president has turned Turkey into a pirate state that constantly violates international law."

File:Imia with legends-es.svg - Wikimedia Commons Imia

However, his claims that Greece defends fishermen around the Imia islets is in direct contradiction the president of the Association of Coastal Fisheries of Kalymnos, Costa Saroukos.

Saroukos said “Currently, three Turkish purse seiners are fishing in Greek waters,” noting that Greek fishermen in the eastern Aegean islands feel “they have no protection," as reported by Greek City Times.

Greek and Turkish Coast Guard boats collided in Imia |

Regarding Imia, Saroukos said that the islet “is guarded only by the Turkish Coast Guard and not by Greek boats,” adding that “the presence of the Turks is daily."