Tennis star Tsitsipas does hilarious Q&A on Twitter


22-year-old tennis champion Stefanos Tsitsipas asked his followers on Twitter to ask him questions in a "Questions and Answers" session, and some of his responses were hilarious.

Stefanos Tsitsipas into his 1st French Open semifinal

"I have an answer to everything. Hit me with some questions and let’s get this Q&A started!" he said on Sunday.

Tsitsipas was asked how to deal with climate change, in which he responded that the solution was to buy a Tesla.

When asked "What's the most beautiful place to visit in Greece?", the tennis star said Exarcehai, in reference to the anarchist and antifa centre of Athens.

The Greek tennis player was also asked what his favourite Pizza topping was, in which he responded with "not pineapple."

The sports star was also asked what prospects were like for the future of Greek tennis, in which he said "Better than soccer."

Tsitsipas said that having dinner at midnight is the "most Greek" thing he has ever done.

His hilarious responses can be view in full from his Twitter account.