The Greek Muslim spies of Rhodes claimed they barely spoke to each other, but evidence reveals they lied

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Despite 52-year-old cook Mehmet Nezadin claiming he had "minimum contact" with Sebahattin Bayram, the Secretary of the Turkish Consulate in Rhodes, nor give him significant data, evidence revealed the opposite.

Nezadin and Bayram became friends on Rhodes as they are both Greek Muslims originally hailing from Komotini in Thrace.

Specifically, the Department of Digital Evidence of the Directorate of Forensic Investigations revealed some insights in a detailed report.

During the examination of the Secretary 's telephone, a total of 98 text messages, 1,779 contacts, internet browsing history, history of 7,332 calls, 423 file uploads, Facebook and WhatsApp conversations, 91 text files, 33 image files and 442 audio files were examined.

The cook's phone contained 213 emails, 900 text messages, 429 Internet search terms, 1,146 wireless IDs, 96 autofill registrations, 6,942 contacts, 623 image files, 3,533 sites and more data were examined.


Pages 10, 11 and 12 of the report present indicative photographic material dated November 6, 2020.

According to the report, images of Greek Navy ships were found on the phone of the secretary of the Turkish consulate in Rhodes.

The images were taken from the mobile belonging to the 52-year-old cook and were not sent via a message from the secretary, apparently in order to avoid any transmission of this data.

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A thorough examination of messaging applications found that the cook and the secretary had frequent contact despite their denials.

This is evidenced by all the calls, messages and data exchanged between them through applications.

Indicatively, at a point during the conversation between them on November 3, 2020 at 07:55, the secretary of the Turkish consulate in Rhodes sent a text message to the 52-year-old cook, written in Turkish, with the following content:

"The P32 boat is not visible in point. Is the number correct?

Nemazetin responds shortly afterwards, at 08:20, saying: "It does not appear complete because it is dark."


It is noted that the cook, using his mobile phone device, browsed the official website of the Navy, apparently looking for the aforementioned boat.

In addition, the combined analysis of data showed that during the period October 1, 2020 to November 30, 2020, the pair talked 61 times.

In four conversations, it appears that the secretary's telephone connection is activated by the Kastelorizo ​​1 antenna in Kastelorizo.

Many conversations take place before the departure of the ship for Kastelorizo, as the telephone connection of the secretary is activated by the antenna Rhodes New Port.

They sent a total of 9 text messages to each other.

In addition, they make daily use of data service (GPRS) and possibly chat and send messages to each other using various applications as evidenced by data analysis of the mobile devices.

Frixos Drakontidis is a correspondent for Proto Thema.

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