COVID-19 vaccinations started today for people over 85: See the photos

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The COVID-19 vaccination program for people over the age of 85 started today.

Vaccinations for health workers who are on the front line of the battle is also underway.

It is recalled that the vaccination against COVID-19 is free for everyone.

Despite the bad weather, the appointments were kept by everyone.

A 91-year-old man in Veria arrived at the hospital on time despite the fact that there was thick snow outside. He himself stated that it did not cross his mind for a moment to postpone the appointment.

PHOTO-2021-01-16-10-07-44 vaccination

Mr. Vangelis, 91 years old (photo above) was the first man to be vaccinated in Evangelismos, after 8 women had preceded him.

The vaccination will be done in two doses, as dictated by the epidemiological data, as well as the company that prepared the vaccine.


The pandemic has shown that the most vulnerable group of the population are people over the age of 85.

Old age is associated with the aging of the immune system , with the coexistence of other pathological conditions.


But what has been seen is that regardless of both of these factors, age alone is the major risk factor.

Therefore, in all vaccination programs of all countries, the first group to be vaccinated are people over the age of 85.