Plans approved for recreation areas in Hellinikon

Plans approved for recreation areas in Hellinikon

Plans approved for recreation areas in Hellinikon

Another outstanding issue that existed with the investment of Hellinikon, ceases to exist.

Two decisions were signed by the General Directorate for the Restoration, Museums & Technical Works, after consultations from Greece's Central Council for Modern Monuments.

The first concerns the approval of the preliminary design of landscape architecture in the protection zone of Hellenikon Air Base, and the second concerns the approval of the restoration study of Shed C.

As stated by the Minister of Culture and Sports Lina Mendoni, "The emblematic investment of Hellinikon is proceeding smoothly, in order to implement, within the foreseen schedule, the large investment program which is being developed in the Southern Sector of Athens."

"The priority of both the Government and the Ministry of Culture and Sports, from the first moment, is to ensure the protection of the cultural heritage and the important cultural reserve of Hellinikon," she added.

According to the first decision, the works contribute to the creation of a large green lung for Athens. The plan envisages the creation of theme parks, paths and 'squares' in the area, as well as buildings and structures supporting the operation of the park (info points, observatories, guest service areas, reception areas, etc.).

"The approval of the first part is extremely important as it is the forerunner of the largest Park in Greece," said Nikolaos Tagaras, Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy.

Plans approved for recreation areas in Hellinikon

According to the second decision, the study for the restoration of Air Force Base C was approved, with a temporary change of use as an information center and exhibition space for the Metropolitan Pole of Hellinikon-Agios Kosmas for three years.

"These interventions upgrade the area, but also the newer monuments. With absolute respect to Law 3028/2002, a unique park is created for the recreation of the inhabitants of the area, all Athenians, but also for visitors to the capital," said George Didaskalou, General Secretary of Culture.

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