Varoufakis: The Greek people do not trust the government

Yianis Varoufakis

Former Greek Financial Minister and Secretary of the MeRA25 political party, Yanis Varoufakis, claimed in Parliament that Greek society does not trust the government as it could not fulfill its obligations in order to effectively deal with the pandemic.

The former SYRIZA member said the government had four obligations:

  • Reliable management of pandemic information.
  • The strengthening of health services.
  • The construction of a network of vaccination centers.
  • Providing a sufficient number of vaccines.

At the same time, Varoufakis stressed that he started asking for the minutes to know the what the scientists said and what the government did.


As he said, scientists are being instrumentalised by the government while a digital parastate is being created to misinform.

In addition, Varoufakis expressed his opposition to the increase of fines from 300 to 500 euros for those who violate COVID-19 measures, arguing that this is "infamous punishment."

As for vaccines, he noted that there is no budget line for vaccinations in the state budget.

He added that this was "a clear fiasco , which I expected you to admit."

Yanis Varoufakis

In fact, the cost to human lives of the government fiasco with vaccination is significant, according to Varoufakis.

Referring to the state of the economy, Varoufakis said the recession would be closer to 15%.

The government initially forecast 3%, but later revised it to 10%.