Teen brothers jailed for attacking Metro stationmaster

Teen brothers jailed for attacking Metro stationmaster
Teen brothers jailed for attacking Metro stationmaster

Two brothers, aged 17 and 15, who attacked a stationmaster at Omonia Metro last week, will appear before a magistrate on Tuesday for depositions.

Since they are minors, the two brothers face incarceration in a youth facility until they turn 18.

In addition, a 26-year old Dias (ΔΙ.ΑΣ) officer (the motorcycle unit of the Hellenic Police), is facing charges of dereliction of duty. He has been placed on administrative leave.

What happened: The stationmaster who was on his way to work, told the two brothers to put on their masks, and asked one of the two to take his feet off a seat. When the staionmaster exited the train, the boys attacked him on the platform.

The brutal attack was captured on surveillance cameras.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, it is mandatory to wear face masks on public transport in Greece.

Meanwhile, the mother of the two minors blames the stationmaster and not her children. Speaking to MEGA, she stressed that the stationmaster was the one who insulted and provoked her children.

She claims that her children were wearing a mask but had taken it down because they were drinking soft drinks when they were confronted by the stationmaster, who, as she claimed, cursed their house and mocked one of them for his braces.

"I will be strong for my children. From the first moment I believed what they told me. I know what children I have, that's why I fight. Let the gentleman think about what he did and let him go out and tell the truth," she said.

She added: "As a mother, I apologise to my children, but the children were led to this reaction by the stationmaster. He hit them, threatened them and cursed their house. I do not care about anything else, apart from my children. We are in a miserable state. Anyone who does not have children cannot understand what I am feeling and going through."

Wild beating of a Metro stationmaster: Perpetrators identified and a shocking testimony given

On Monday, Greek Television network OPEN also broadcasted a video from one of the security cameras in the station. It shows the assault unfold.

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