Antony Blinken: US-Greece security relationship, important to US interests in E. Mediterranean


The nominee for the position of Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has expressed his desire to work to further strengthen the security link between the United States and Greece. Responding to a written question by US Senator Robert Menendez, the nominee described the US-Greece relationship as important for Washington’s interests in the Eastern Mediterranean and spoke positively about US participation in the Greece-Cyprus-Israel trilateral partners (3+1).

It is recalled that Senator Menendez led the effort to pass the Eastern Mediterranean Security and Energy Partnership Act (EastMed Act).

The law envisions a new strategy based on US cooperation with the region’s three states, Greece, Israel and Cyprus.

Robert Menendez asked him how he would continue to strengthen the investments described in the Act and the critical security relations with Greece and Cyprus.

Antony Blinken confirmed that, if his appointment was approved, he looked forward to giving further examination to this legislation and working with Congress and colleagues in all services to support strong ties between the United States, Greece, Israel and Cyprus.

“The US-Greece security relationship is important to our interests in the Eastern Mediterranean and has grown significantly as bilateral ties have improved, starting with the Obama-Biden administration,” he said.

“If my appointment is approved, I will work to continue deepening ties between the United States and Greece, as well as Cyprus.”

Source: ANA-MPA