What dawns for Donald Trump: Political death or comeback with a new party?

donald trump

What does the future hold for former U.S. President Donald Trump: Political death after a possible conviction and a tarnished name, or a new comeback by creating his own party?

Trump made the most… anti-heroic departure from Washington on the day Joe Biden was sworn in, by leaving with the presidential aircraft Air Force One and taking refuge in his mansion in Miami.

And everyone is wondering, did this end his political career after his departure against all etiquette? Or will we probably see him again by making a new comeback through a new political patriotic formation?

Donald Trump

Has the former president "died" politically or not, after his last "dismissal" by the powerful leader of the Republicans in the Senate, Mitch McConnell?

"After Mitch McConnell 's address to the Senate on Tuesday, where he said bluntly that Donald Trump" provoked "the January 6 riots at the Capitol" and "fed the crowd, it was clear that the Republicans had' broken 'them with the outgoing President , purely for their political survival," said a Greek-American businessman, who lives in Greece and voted in the recent US elections.

"Only with presidential grace will Trump untangle"

"In other words, the door is wide open for a full condemnation of Trump. McConnell is now looking for the 17 Republican senators who will block Trump from running again in the next election," he said.

"Only in this way can the Republicans be saved," he continued, adding "and in two years, after collecting the damage (mid-terms), they manage to reorganize for the next four years against the new Democratic candidate, Kamala Harris."

"But it is clear that Republicans are completely distancing themselves from Trump," the interluctor continued.

Therefore; "Trump will probably be left with only a minority of his crazy fans! And only with the help of Biden will he be able to untangle. But it is unlikely she will give it to him."

Currently, 10 cases are "running" against him in the Southern District of New York, all related to illegalities he has committed during his tenure.

"They will burden him until he stops engaging in politics," said the Greek-American businessman, who has close ties to the US embassy in Athens and wished to remain anonymous.

The former president, however, seems to intend, with his arrogance, in defiance of bad omens, to make his own party.

"He is already talking about his party. That will be a patriotic party," he continued.

"If you want my estimation, this guy will be lost. Trump is over. His children will try to save the brand name. But Donald Trump will go down in history as the worst US President. His name is in danger of being ridiculed," concluded the Greek-American who comes from a family of bankers in Manhattan.

"Do not discount something"

"30%-35% of Republican voters still support Trump. The rest prefer another candidate. But 30% is quite a high percentage," said Turkish international affairs analyst Meriç Şenyüz.

"So no one knows if Trump's political end has really come. Do not discount something. We will wait to see. The prospects for Trump's political future are endless," Şenyüz said.

"We'll be able to discuss it safely in the coming months. After the failed coup, it was said that Hitler was over, but he kept going. From February 1917 until 1920, many also believed that the Romanovs would succeed. They never did. History is full of surprises," he said.

"Trumpism will continue to exist in the US"

"It's too early to judge exactly what Donald Trump will do and whether he will have a political future. From his statements it certainly seems that he is interested in a new political movement with a patriotic character," said Secretary of International Relations of New Democracy (in international affairs and European issues), Tassos Hadjivassiliou.

"The point is, 'Trumpism' is not certain to come to the fore with a possible departure of Mr. Trump. Mr. Biden has a job," he continued.

"The Trumpists (ie, far-right rhetoric, ultra-nationalism, racism, bigotry and conspiracy theories) will continue to exist in the US. After all, they preceded Trump. Now we have to turn the political page to see if there will be the political will to fight this phenomenon once and for all," said Natasha Romanou of Columbia University in New York.

"Also if the mainstream conservatives (the Right, that is, the wing of the Republican Party, to which the whole Republican Party tends) will try to isolate them. Although it is probably impossible," she added.

"Trump will try to stay and take advantage of his influence in the electorate. Everything here depends on whether he will have a step in the media and on social media, but also on what attitude the Republican Party will take towards him," underlined Romanou.

"Of course, he will try to continue to be promoted and, above all, he will try to benefit financially from this promotion and his relationship with the world. I hardly believe that he will finally achieve something," she said.

"Aside from the impeachment, which will be debated in the Senate in the coming days (although many Democrats are reacting to it), do not forget that he faces very serious criminal trials in New York and Washington," Romanou continued