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Gypsy Rose

Gypsy RoseIf you have not visited Gypsy Rose Bazaar yet, well you better head over there ASAP.

Opened in June 2018 and located on 158 William street in Earlwood, Gypsy Rose Bazaar is an eclectic fusion of giftware, home fragrances, jewellery and spiritual tools including crystals and incenses sourced from all around the world.

Gypsy Rose is a manifestation of the spiritual journey boutique owner Evy Kaye has embarked on for many years. A personal curated collection of items from the world which she hopes will inspire and bring harmony to your personal space.

Gypsy RoseSince the first time I went shopping at Gypsy Rose, I just wanted to find out more about what made the owner open up such a unique boutique.

From the moment you step into Gypsy Rose you are made to feel so welcome and leave feeling happy and, in my case, even educated, as I always find out new things.

For me personally it gives me a taste of Greece. It reminds me of when I go into these little shops in Greece at Monastiraki or the Greek islands, where they have a little bit of everything and you just want to buy every single thing in there.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the owner Evy Kay to discuss all things related to Gypsy Rose.

Gypsy RoseHow was the concept of Gypsy Rose Bazaar created? It's such a unique concept for a boutique.

“Gypsy Rose is a little bit of my life. I went to a Catholic school and being Greek Orthodox I had a lot of questions so when I went to Israel, I got a lot of my answers.

"Here in Australia, we are quite limited. They don’t tell you much here. I feel I found my faith when I was in Israel. I found that with spirituality and religion, you can actually blend them both together.

"I wanted to educate people that you can have eikones (icons) and have your crystals and incenses burning. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. It can be both.

"And I think our generation are kind of caught between being a strict Greek and having a bit of new age spirituality. There is nothing wrong with blending them both together.

"Even with the eikones I have at the shop, they are very different and not traditional.

"A lot of the eikones come from the Old Testament. This is still part of Greece. I am trying to educate people that there are so many things in our faith we can do.”

Gypsy Rose

Gypsy Rose

What made you open here in Earlwood?

“I grew up in Earlwood and I found our generation is still around here so I found this as the best place to open up."

What future aspirations do you have for the shop?

“In 2021, we are planning some events. We want to do workshops at the back where people can come and we can have a talk.

"For example, with the spiritual stuff; educate them on crystals and other things.

"There are even people that don’t know how to livanisei (cleanse) their home. So basically, run these workshops in order to educate them and give them tools in life for their spiritual practices”.

Gypsy RoseWhat makes your shop unique? Why should someone come here?

“It is different. It blends together religion and spirituality.

"It reminds me of when you go to those little shops in Greece where you can spend time getting lost while looking at all the items and I think it is nice that I spend time talking and connecting with all my customers.

"Also, let’s say someone comes in and says I was a gouri (good luck charm) for a new house but can’t find something that suits them in Gypsy Rose, I will then make them something to suit them and their taste”.

Gypsy Rose

Gypsy Rose

What I love about Gypsy Rose is that it also houses brands such as Saint George, Neraida Crystals, Mallama Icons and House of Emmanuele. Gypsy Rose is like a little community where Greeks come together and support each other showcasing all their amazing talents.

As Evy Kay stated “I am happy for any new Greek person who is trying to put their product out there to approach me, and to help them be educated and also for them to educate other people”.

Gypsy Rose

Gypsy Rose“Gypsy Rose Bazaar is a little boutique where you find your soul, you find your inner person and it has a little bit of everything and it always seems to attract somebody when they need it most. When people walk out, I want them to be happy and feel touched in a way”, Evy stated. Gypsy Rose is definitely achieving this as you will see in the following feedback given by people online about the boutique.

Gypsy Rose‘Gypsy-Rose, thank you for your kindness and wisdom today. It was much needed. I love my goodies and your insights were on point. You are divine and I feel blessed to have met you! See you very soon...’ Natalie R.

‘A Stunning and Inviting Shop to Explore and Meet the Beautiful, knowledgeable and talented Evy Kaye! Pop in and explore, chat, and come away all the better for the experience of meeting Evy and visiting her wonderful business in Earlwood.’ Tayna S.

‘There is nothing I didn’t want to buy! There’s something for everyone and I’ll definitely be going back again and again!’ Carol N.

Gypsy Rose

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