Greek sailing coach charged with alleged rape of minor

Greek sailing coach charged with alleged rape of minor dutch Finnish woman

Greek sailing coach charged with alleged rape of minor

*Content warning: This story is about sexual assault. It may contain graphic descriptions and strong language, and may be confronting and disturbing.

A 38-year-old man from Samos accused of sexually abusing a Greek athlete in 2010 when she was 11, was arrested following a warrant issued by the prosecutor's office for serious crimes.

The coach is facing serious criminal charges related to repeated rape, repeated child seduction and repeated abuse in lewdness.

The charges reportedly refer to acts conducted 2010-2013.

He will face court in Athens on Monday.

Speaking to MEGA TV on Friday, the 38-year-old said no rape occurred as he "had a relationship" with the girl.

He claimed it was a “platonic” and consensual “relationship" before revealing he “wanted to marry” the girl, who is now a 21-year-old.

“I can not accept the word ‘rape’, because rape, I believe, is something that happens against the will of the other. When there is something reciprocal, I do not think there is rape,” he stated on TV.

“On the contrary, the feelings I had and had manifested and we had agreed that when she grows up a little more, we will get married,” he added.

The coach claimed that he waited until the girl turned 18 before asking her to marry him.

“I was waiting for her to grow up, to choose me on her own. I love her, how can I explain it to you?” he continued.

Olympic sailing medallist Bekatorou reveals sex abuse after Sydney Olympics

It comes after Olympic sailing champion Sofia Bekatorou accused a sporting official of sexually assaulting her in 1998 during preparations for the Sydney Games.

Bekatorou said the male official from the Hellenic Sailing Federation performed a “lewd act” after inviting her to his hotel room to discuss team preparations.

The athlete was 21 at the time. Bekatorou said she had made it clear that the act was not consensual, adding that she was left feeling “humiliated.”

This man, according to the testimony of the Olympian herself to the Prosecutor, is the current vice-president of EIO and Head of the Sports Office, Superintendent of Central Greece, Aristidis Adamopoulos.

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