"Greek Australians have second highest longevity in the world", says Dr Norman Swan

"Greek Australians have second highest longevity in the world", says Dr Norman Swan

Dr Norman Swan recently spoke to the Today Show promoting his new book 'So You Think You Know What's Good For You?'. 

His new health book, which will be available for purchase from June 30, 2021, includes remarkable evidence confirming that Greek Australians are among the world's longest-living people, only beaten by the Japanese. 

Author Dr Norman Swan brought up the example of his upcoming book to 9 Channel's Today show hosts: 

"I started writing this book for millennials because they have a lot of questions to ask about their health[…] they're really interested in nutrition," Dr Swan said before revealing that first-generation Greek Australians are "the second longest-lived people in the world after the Japanese."

But he says the reasons go beyond the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, mentioning that there's more to just the diet itself. 

"Its a package of stuff, they have their own herb garden and vegetable garden often, they're cooking fresh, cooking turns out to be really important because it's a chemistry set designed to make you healthier."

The Greek Orthodox religion also plays a role; he discusses in influencing this diet.

For about 100 days a year, elderly Greek Australians do a vegan fast, with no meat, dairy or eggs. "They do live a long time," he mentions.

Dr Swan was born in Scotland, before moving to Australia to work for the ABC. He is a multi-award-winning producer, broadcaster and investigative journalist.DR Norman Swan

When the news on COVID-19 unfolded, Dr Swan stepped up to answer Australians’ questions and cover the key issues with clear, evidence-based information across multiple programs and platforms, including co-hosting the highly subscribed and award-winning daily Coronacast podcast (with up to three million downloads per month).  

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