Beautiful scenes from the snowstorm in Pelion (VIDEO)

Beautiful scenes from the snowstorm in Pelion

A very impressive scene was created in Pelion by the snowstorm that hit a large part of the country on Wednesday.

As meteorologists had predicted, the temperature plunged and snow fell densely in the mountains across Greece.

Among the areas that were ‘dressed in white’ was Makrinitsa, a traditional style village on the slopes of Pelion.

The scene definitely looks like a fairytale.

Watch this video by UP stories:

Acropolis and snow.

Snowfall even reaches the centre of Athens

Flakes of snow appeared in various areas of Attica, even in the center of Athens.

The snowfall occurred around 11:20 and while it was initially relatively dense, a few minutes later it stopped.

Apart from the center and the northern suburbs of Athens, areas like Ilioupoli and Glyfada were also covered, for a short period, in white.