Last days of strict quarantine in Melbourne, Maria Sakkari sweats it out

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Last few days of strict quarantine in Melbourne, Maria Sakkari sweats it out

It was the ultimate workout with Greece's Maria Sakkari and personal trainer Luke Zocchi.

On Thursday evening, fans were treated to a special 30 minute HIIT workout session on Instagram Live, celebrating one of Sakkari's last quarantine workouts.

"Thank you so much, Luke @zocobodypro! It was a pretty intensive workout but I loved it! Luckily I don’t have to do that everyday. 1 more day in quarantine, then back on the court! I can’t wait!" the tennis star posted.

Maria Sakkari making “full use of her time” during strict quarantine in Melbourne, Australia

Seventy-two players (almost a fifth of those taking part in the Australian Open) are in a strict lockdown over positive tests on three charter flights to Melbourne from Abu Dhabi, Doha and Los Angeles.

One of those players is Greece’s own star, Maria Sakkari.

During an interview with 3AW last week, she stated that quarantining for the Australian Open has “been great so far.”

The World No. 22 has been keeping busy by training, reading and talking to friends and family back home and in Australia.

“I’m super fine, and my friends are also doing well, and they are also in strict lockdown here,” she added.

Sakkari pointed out that she also understood the risks involved coming to Australia: “We knew the risks coming here, we knew the frustration, we knew it’s up to the government so I totally understand.”

“I’m so grateful that you guys allowed us to come into your country while you were not allowing anyone else to come in and you guys are the nicest people that we have met.”

She also said the lack of fresh air was manageable because she will “get a lot of fresh air when I get out of here” and praised the exercise equipment provided.

The 2021 Australian Open will begin on February 8th.

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