The awesome street art commemorating the 1821 Greek Revolution

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Evrytos street artist has created beautiful depictions of some of the key figures of the 1821 Greek Revolution against the Ottoman Empire.

Georgios Karaiskakis, Nikitaras "the Turk-eater" (Τουρκοφάγος) and a simple priest are the first of his artistic work, Mea Culpa reported.

1 101As the street artist emphasised, the purpose of his efforts is to pass the right messages about the Revolution, and not the anti-Hellenism of various committees.

Efforts that, as he emphasised, will continue until March 25, as it will be dedicated to issues related to 1821 and the purpose of the Revolution.

"The ideal would be for all the graffiti to be in central places, in places through which thousands of Greeks pass, in order not to forget the message of the Revolution and the Struggle," the artist said.

2 34"Although such a thing is very difficult, since, apart from the Police, some people would take care to desecrate them," the artist added.

"That is why most of my jobs are in schools, terraces, abandoned buildings, so that I can finish them safely and safely," Evrytos concluded.

Τουρκοφάγος (@ZHTW_H_ELLAS) | Twitter

In his effort, however, he already found supporters after the widespread dissemination of his street art on the internet, there were many who approached him to help and support him in one way or another.

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