The presence of American helicopters in Alexandroupolis is a challenge: Turkish media


Seven ferocious American transport ships will arrive in the Thracian port of Alexandroupolis, while more than 30 US attack helicopters, Black Hawks and Apaches, will be maintained in the city's airport.

The airport of the Thracian city will be a part of the "Defender Europe 2021" military exercises.

Turkish media characterises this move as "provocative" as exploratory talks are in progress.

Some excerpts from relevant reports:

Alexandroupolis"Greece is arming the Aegean: 30 American helicopters in Alexandroupolis" is the title of a Sözcü article.

"Greece, on the one hand, through the 61st round of exploratory talks, seeks to maintain warm relations with Turkey, while on the other hand, it is accelerating joint military exercises with the United States," the article said.

"It was announced that after the joint military operation with the US, the US Armed Forces were given permission to accumulate troops in Thrace," writes Haberler.

"Another challenge by Greece" said a Hurriyet, article.

"Despite Turkey's efforts to defuse tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean, Greece continues to cause new movements with the presence of 30 US helicopters Alexandroupolis," the article said.

"US military base in Greece: 30 attack helicopters in Alexandroupolis" is the title of the Turkish edition of the Independent, when commenting on US helicopters in Thrace.

"30 attack helicopters are at the airport of Alexandroupolis, which is a new US base," writes Yeni Şafak, commenting that Greece is holding exploratory talks with Turkey to find solutions to disputes but is promoting joint military exercises with the US.

"Greece has allowed the US armed forces to be in the region of Thrace for a joint exercise," CNN Türk commented in an article entitled: "30 US helicopters in Alexandroupolis."